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Chondroitin Sulfate C (From Shark Cartilage)

Chondroitin Sulphate C (From Shark Cartilage)


Chemical Name: Alternating Copoly(ß-Glucuronic Acid-[1-3]-N-Acetyl-ß-Galactosamine-6-Sulphate-[1-4])

Molecular Formula: (C14H19O14N·S·Na2)·n  (Sodium Salt)

Molecular Weight: 503.35·n (Na+)

Chemical Structure:

CAS NO.: 12678-07-8

Customs commodity code: 29420000

Product Property & Uses:

This product is natural biomacromolecule mucopolysaccharide extracted from Shark Cartilage, as food additive and raw material for pharmacy. It is off-white powder, non-harmful, odourless, non-pollutive, non-corrosive, non-burnable, non-explosive, according with the export standard of WTO.

Specification & Package

Content(Dry Basis)>=90%
Particle size>=100Mesh(or other sizes)
Off-white, fine powder extracted from shark cartilage.
Packed hermetically in 2 layers plastic bags(PE) and fiber drum(or carton)
Outer size: 38×38cm
Net weight 25kg
Gross weight 28kg
Each 20-feet standardized container can pack 14.4 tons.

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